Air Optix Aqua (3 lenzen)

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Type lens
Type materiaal
Silicone hydrogel
138 Dk/t
33 %
Lotrafilcon B (67%)
14, 2 mm

Attention! Alcon will discontinue the production of Air Optix Aqua (3 pcs), monthly disposable contact lenses from September 2021. We recommend Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde (3 pcs) as an alternative. 

Packaging: 3 pcs / box

Shelf life: monthly

Alcon's new development TriComfort technology, which gives Air Optix® lenses 5x more oxygen permeability than conventional lenses. This, coupled with the lens' excellent moisture retention, results in one of the most comfortable contact lenses available. Perfect for dry eyes. You will also quickly feel the benefits of this lens if you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer or in an air-conditioned room.

Outstanding oxygen permeability

Air Optix® Aqua contact lenses are a product of the contact lens manufacturer Alcon. It has outstanding oxygen permeability, which allows the lenses to be worn at night.

Air Optix® Aqua is a monthly wear lens. The silicone hydrogel material used in the contact lenses is Lotrafilcon B.

It is not recommended to replace these lenses without first consulting an ophthalmologist, as these lenses have different optical properties to other contact lens brands.

Features of Air Optix® Aqua:

It is a new generation of lenses made of a breathable silicone hydrogel material (Lotrafilcon B). The biggest advantage of Air Optix Aqua is that it can deliver up to five times more oxygen to the eye than other hydrogel lenses. This prevents redness of the eye and the wearer does not experience any discomfort when wearing them.

Air Optix Aqua AQUA is equipped with a hydration system that guarantees a high level of comfort on three levels:

  • COMFORTABILITY AS FIRST AT THE INPUT - the surface of the lens is coated with a unique hydrating material that creates a silky coating - making blinking easier.
  • all day comfort - the breathable material keeps hydration at optimum levels and minimises dehydration
  • WET ALL DAY - the ultra-smooth surface is incredibly moisturising and perfectly resists any build-up.
    Thanks to a patented plasma surface modification, Air Optix Aqua is more resistant to protein deposits. The lens is light blue, making it easy to insert.

By design, the lens can be worn during the day for a month. It can also be worn as an extended wear (day and night) lens, but no longer than 6 nights.

Who is Air Optix® Aqua recommended for?

We particularly recommend it for people who wear lenses for more than 11 hours a day and for people who sometimes sleep in contact lenses. If you occasionally fall asleep with Air Optix Aqua in your eyes, the lens will not cause eye irritation; even if you are working at a computer during extended wear. It is also recommended for those who:

  • prefer monthly disposable lenses
  • work for several hours in front of a computer
  • work in a smoky or air-conditioned environment
  • are uncomfortable while wearing their current lenses
  • expect a high level of comfort.

Try a new dimension of comfort!

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